Become a Vendor

If you would like to vend with us please fill out our application below. 

Farm Vendors

Any individual or business that engages in the production of agricultural products including: horticultural, viticultural, forestry, dairy, livestock, poultry, bee, and any other farm product may apply to become a vendor. The Bloomington Farm Stop Collective, Inc. is an agricultural cooperative, owned by its member farmers, therefore Farm Vendors are required to become members of the Cooperative.  Farm Vendors may only sell products they themselves have grown, raised, processed or foraged.


Food Artisans 

We recognize the important role that non-farm food businesses play in the local food system.  As such, any individual or business that engages in the production of food products using ingredients they did not grow or raise themselves is welcome to apply to become a vendor.  A sampling of products may be requested as part of the application process.  Using locally produced ingredients is highly encouraged.

Craft Artisans 

Given the wide range of artisan made goods in the area, the store will also offer a selection of non-food products to diversify the offerings in the store and widen our vendor community.  Crafted Artisan goods must be locally produced, high quality, originally designed, and hand crafted by the artisan selling them.  

Policies and Licensing Requirements
Details about the requirements for each type of vendor can be found on the Vendor Policies page.

If you have any questions about vending with us or would like information regarding work exchange or a scholarship please contact Bobbi Boos at